One Visit Restorations Possible from the Dentist in Hilliard

May 8, 2017

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The dentist in Hilliard provides one visit crowns. Traditionally, the process for completing a dental restoration has taken two visits to the dentist with a week or more spent waiting in between. But just like you no longer have to wait to receive a letter (thanks, email) or to watch the next episode of your favorite show (hello, Netflix), you don’t have to wait around to have your smile restored following decay or damage! Dr. Joe R. Joseph, your dentist in Hilliard, provides same-day dentistry with CEREC technology. Keep reading to learn more about why restorative services have never been better, then request an appointment today!

What Is CEREC?

Dr. Joseph is pleased to offer same day CEREC dentistry to patients in the Hilliard area. CEREC stands for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics. The technology combines computer aided design and manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM) with an in-office milling machine, so your dentist can plan, prepare, and place a dental crown, inlay, or onlay in just one visit to our office. Restorations made from CEREC are all-porcelain, so they look and feel just like your natural teeth — only better.

Same Day Dentistry vs. Traditional Crowns, Inlays, or Onlays

If you have had a traditional crown or other restoration in the past, you know that the process takes a while to complete. Two appointments are required for preparation and thorough treatment planning. In the first visit, your dentist would reshape the tooth as needed, then take impressions and x-rays that would be sent to the laboratory. The restoration was then created and shipped back to our office. And in the meantime? You’d be wearing a weak, noticeable temporary restoration.

With same day dentistry, you don’t have to make time for a second appointment, and there’s no worrying about eating carefully to avoid breaking the temporary restoration. CEREC makes for far more efficient restorative dentistry. What’s more, CEREC in Hilliard is also integrated with digital impressions. Forget about the days when you had to bite down on wet, uncomfortable cement for minutes. Digital impressions easily capture a highly accurate, three-dimensional model of your teeth and surrounding oral structures. With this information, Dr. Joseph can create a restoration that looks, fits, and feels just like it should, from the very beginning.

Benefits of CEREC

  • Entire treatment process completed in just one visit
  • No need to wear a temporary restoration
  • Dental porcelain blends beautifully with surrounding teeth
  • Digital impressions are more comfortable and accurate
  • Long-lasting solution

Can Everyone Have a Same-Day Restoration?

Pretty much! If you have experienced significant decay or dental damage and could benefit from a crown, inlay, or onlay, CEREC is probably an excellent solution for you. Dr. Joseph will evaluate the extent of your damage and talk you through your unique treatment plan.

Request an Appointment Today!

Do you have a significantly decayed or damaged tooth? You could probably benefit from a crown, inlay, or onlay — and CEREC same-day dentistry is available from your Hilliard dentist! Request an appointment with Dr. Joe Joseph today.

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