Quality Dentures and Partials From Your Dentist in Hilliard

June 21, 2017

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Learn more about dentures and partials from your dentist in Hilliard.You want to attend that birthday lunch for your friend, but you feel embarrassed about your teeth. Fear has kept you away from the dentist, and you’ve suffered some tooth loss because of it. You’re embarrassed about going back to the dentist with your teeth in this condition, however you’re also tired of avoiding everything in your life such as birthday celebrations for people you care about. The situation feels hopeless, and what’s worse is that you may be losing another tooth! Dr. Joe R. Joseph has solutions for you, in a judgment free environment. Your dentist in Hilliard wants you to know more about dentures and partials.


One Visit Restorations Possible from the Dentist in Hilliard

May 8, 2017

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The dentist in Hilliard provides one visit crowns. Traditionally, the process for completing a dental restoration has taken two visits to the dentist with a week or more spent waiting in between. But just like you no longer have to wait to receive a letter (thanks, email) or to watch the next episode of your favorite show (hello, Netflix), you don’t have to wait around to have your smile restored following decay or damage! Dr. Joe R. Joseph, your dentist in Hilliard, provides same-day dentistry with CEREC technology. Keep reading to learn more about why restorative services have never been better, then request an appointment today!


Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants in Hilliard

April 18, 2017

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Benefit from the most preferred tooth replacement option with dental implants in Hilliard. Get a complete smile today with Dr. Joseph.Although your teeth are made to last a lifetime, tooth loss can happen despite your best efforts to protect your teeth. When a tooth is missing, it quickly causes your self-esteem to decrease while making everyday tasks, like eating and speaking, more difficult. However, your incomplete smile can hurt more than just your confidence. Over time, your oral and overall health will develop complications, such as gum disease. You could choose a traditional form of tooth replacement, like dentures, but they will never look or feel like natural teeth. You need to choose the only option that looks and feels like natural teeth while restoring your oral health with dental implants in Hilliard.