CEREC One-Visit Crowns, Inlays, & Onlays

Convenient, Esthetic Dentistry with CEREC One-Visit Restorations

Dental work can create hiccups in your schedule, and many patients just postpone the restorations their teeth need because they just don't have the time. Normally, to get a crown, you have to make two trips to the dentist and wear a temporary crown between visits. If the temporary breaks, you may have to visit the dentist yet again. One crown can take hours out of your busy agenda!

Dr. Joseph understands that time is a precious and irreplaceable commodity, so he invested in CEREC technology. With CEREC, we can design, mill, and place a strong, porcelain crown, inlay, or onlay in a single visit. One visit! No temporary, no hassle. Hard to believe, but it's true!

So don't postpone the dental work you need any longer. Come find out how CEREC can save you time and frustration.