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You know what they say about prevention – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your family dentist in Hilliard believes that this adage holds true in dentistry, and our standard of care reflects it. For instance, we treat all our patients to a supplemental fluoride rinse. Fluoride is a mineral that bonds with other strong minerals to protect tooth enamel from decay. For children, dental sealants provide yet another level of protection by coating susceptible back teeth with a clear barrier.

As a general dentist, Joseph Dental Group encourages patients to visit us every 6 months for checkups and professional hygiene care. At checkups, we try to find early signs of problems, so we can nip them in the bud.

Our team also provides non-surgical relief from teeth grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea. He makes custom mouthguards to protect our athlete’s smiles, as well, because 1/3 of sports injuries involve the face.

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Pediatric Dental Sealants

Tooth decay is the most common chronic condition children face. Although it can be avoided, 42% of children have had a cavity in a baby tooth. The most prevalent place for decay is the molars because their crevasses make them harder to clean. Dental sealants provide a protective barrier between cavity-causing bacteria and the teeth. The clear plastic coating is painless to apply and can prevent 80% of cavities.

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Routine dental care is vital to protecting the health of your smile. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends everyone over the age of 2 has a checkup every 6 months. These visits are vital to detecting potential concerns early to provide quick intervention. This not only keeps your teeth and gums healthy but also reduces your long-term dental expenses. Every $1 you spend on prevention can save you $8 to $50 on restorative and emergency care.

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Dental Hygiene

Your toothbrush and floss are your first line of defense against preventable issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. Although they are effective, your oral hygiene habits are not enough. There are areas in your mouth where your toothbrush and floss cannot reach, allowing harmful plaque and tartar to accumulate. A routine cleaning removes the buildup to keep your gums healthy and your teeth looking beautiful. We will also make recommendations to keep your smile healthy in between appointments.

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Bruxism Relief

Do you have a bad habit of grinding or clenching your teeth? Whether you are aware you do it or not, it can have devastating consequences to your oral health, like tooth loss. It can even cause a painful condition with your temporomandibular joint, called a TMJ disorder. You can get the relief you need with a custom-made oral appliance. It acts as a protective barrier between your top and bottom teeth while also moving your jaw into a more comfortable position.

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Sleep Apnea & Snoring Relief

Everyone snores occasionally, but if it is a chronic problem, you may have an underlying sleep disorder. Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing frequently throughout the night. Often, it occurs because the soft tissues in the back of your mouth and throat collapse. Now, an oral appliance is the preferred treatment. The custom-fit device moves your jaw forward to prevent your airways from collapsing to stop the pauses in breathing. You will sleep soundly and breathe easier.

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Athletic Mouthguards

If you or your child participate in sports, you have a 10% chance every season on an orofacial injury. This could result in broken, dislodged, or knocked out teeth, as well as other injuries. In fact, 39% of all dental injuries are sports-related. A custom-made athletic mouthguard acts as a protective barrier to reduce injury if there is trauma to the face or mouth. You can join more than 200,000 people this year who will avoid an oral injury by using a high-quality mouthguard.

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Oral Surgery

There may come a time when you or a loved one require oral surgery, such as to extract a tooth. Our office can handle minor oral surgeries and endodontics, like root canals, dental implant placement, and hard tissue grafts. We offer several specialty services because we want to ensure your dental needs stay in-house, so you can benefit from one great team over the years.

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Gum Disease Therapy

Gum (periodontal) disease can be avoided with the right oral hygiene habits at home and regular care from your dentist. Unfortunately, 50% of adults in America have a form of the infection. It is easily treatable and will not cause long-term damage when treated in its earliest stage. We provide the customized treatment plan you need to stop the infection to save your smile.

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Root Canals

Although they have a bad reputation for being painful, root canals are now no worse than a traditional filling thanks to new advancements in dentistry. We can save a badly infected or damaged tooth from extraction by removing the inner layer of your tooth, called the pulp. Your tooth is sterilized and sealed before we place a custom-made dental crown over it that looks natural.

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